10 Free Softwares That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life with its challenges has become quite superfluous to most people. And everyone is looking for ways to ease their situation. But did you know that mobile apps could come in handy for just that purpose, and facilitate your life in numerous ways? If you didn’t, then this is the right place. Apps, CRM’s and Cloud bases services are among the most productivity increasing technologies of today.Below are some free software that will make your life easier than it ever was before.


AirDroid connects with your PC via a browser window. It helps keep track of all your Android devices by use of a PC. With this app, you’re able to browse the apps, contacts, and files of your phone. Also, you can play videos, use mirror screens and even the camera. Besides, its messaging functionality is exceptional as it permits you to reply to texts via your computer.

Remote Mouse

With this app that acts like a keyboard and a mouse, your work presentations have never been easier. Using your WiFi connection to pair with companion software, it adds convenience and efficiency in a case where you are mirroring the PC of the screen like during presentations.

Google Photos

This is amongst the best backup and cloud storage apps for video and photo files on an Android Device. The app’s image recognition allows you to find photos with any keyword. It also has features from other apps like trimming videos and photo editing functions.


Searching for a combination of notes app? Try Evernote. It collects all the things you want to remember in a streamlined way that is always convenient. Currently, it’s the standard amongst digital notebooks and productivity apps.

Hours Keeper

A self-employed person has a lot of benefits and keeping your hours isn’t amongst them. Hours Keeper eases the process via organizing the time that you spend on various clients. You sort your time via pay period as well as create invoices very fast with a free PDF template. Organize your life today with this incredible app.


If Skype is a problem, you might want to try Duo that’s available on iOS and Android. It is easy to make video calls using a phone number. Additionally, it possesses a “Knock Knock” feature that shows you a live video call before picking up.

Square Cash

Being a new Cash app, it instantly sends money to anyone for free. Precisely, your debit card is linked to your bank account, and through businesses options, you can approve payments without any limit.


If you are running out of fuel, this app guides you to an affordable gas station without using extra costs. With it, you can drive comfortably without worrying of such inconveniences.

Quality Time

Do you want to keep track of the you use scrolling your phone? Then this is your app. With it, you can manage your time and engage in more profitable endeavors.


Being FDIC insured, this app may scare you out, but in reality, it is essential. It spontaneously takes cash from checking account then deposits it in this app to save more. What better would you wish to have?

So why not manage your life today? Besides, most of these apps are free. Either way, make your life meticulous today with this incredible apps!

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