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5 Steps to Recover from A Cyber-Threat

In the current world, every computer or business that is connected to the internet stands a chance of being attacked by hackers. In the past, hackers mostly targeted huge financial companies that they could manipulate. However, times have changed whereby hacking tools have become readily available and cheaper. Small businesses too need to update their network security for protection.The ability to contain a cyber threat and regain control over your data is essential. This can help you make the necessary improvements on how to boost your security levels. There are five significant guidelines that can help you recover from this kind of threat.

  1. Create a taskforce

For the damage to be controlled, there has to be clear and quick thinking. There is no time to play the blame game at this point. Carefully determine a response procedure that will help your employees focus on dealing with such a situation. Establish facts about the threat which will help you approach the situation in the right manner. Having the right team to work on the attack is vital. Your IT teams should look into the technical issues that led to the security breach. Contact your legal team who will offer you advise you where private information leaks to unauthorized hands. If you do not have the necessary security skills, hire the services of a cyber security specialist.

  1. Containment

Once your team has identified the threat, the next step should be to contain it. There are several steps to this.

  • Disconnect the network cables – disable all network connections to affected computers. This will cut off the hackers’ access to the network.
  • Change the passwords – for the accounts that are compromised, advise the users to change their passwords on their other accounts.
  • Install security patches – install updates on your network such as security patches. Make software updates to your operating system.
  • Uninstall and reinstall programs on affected computers – any files that have been affected by the threat should be destroyed and deleted. The backups should be cleaned before the files are reinstalled.

  1. Assess the damage of the cyber threat

The response procedure you use determines your results. The steps to a thorough assessment are;

  • Determine how data affected can be used against victims – the threat should be treated as severe if sensitive information has been collected which could be used in crimes. However, if the data is encrypted, the risk is much lower.
  • Identify the affected areas – estimate what and who has been compromised.
  1. Make a notification

In case of severe security breaches, a notification is the best strategy. Notify the victims of the attack so that they can take the most appropriate measurements. If personal information was accessed, contact the privacy commission.

  1. Prevention procedure

This is the final step. Carry a thorough audit of your entire security system. Come up with strategies to improve your security measures. Hire data security experts who will provide you with the best solutions. Regularly plan for cyber-security training programs for the relevant personnel in your organization.

Best CRM Android/iPhone Apps

With all the people that one comes in contact with it is hard to remember their names and email addresses. This is especially important if a person works for a business. That is where the help of an app comes in. the customer relationship manager or the CRM app can help store the name of customers, names of supplies, and everyone else that a person would interact with. They will be able to store their contact information as well as the position that they hold they can even hold information from the last conversation. These are some of the best CRM apps that can be used.

 Google Contacts

This app is an address book that is built right in Gmail. In addition to keeping track of names and contact information, this app will automatically update the information when it is updated in Google +. In addition to contact pages, the contacts can be kept in plain text notes as well. The tap more feature will show the order that a person contacted the people in their contact list.


This app is able to store all the information securely that a person needs about their contacts including any tasks that are related to them, previous conversations, and other relevant information. This app will have all of the information a person needs to understand their contacts and they can email them directly from the app. This app is simple to use and there are a number of flexible options. Clients can be grouped together as a person sees fit and will allow a person to have a strong business focus.


This app will allow a person to scan through their contacts and they will not have to click on their page until they need specific information. This app will show a short summary of the contact information. The contacts can be arranged by their name, location, or custom organization. This app has additional features as well. It will allow a person to even add team meetings or upcoming meets within the app. They will get a notification when the meeting is about to happen. This app gives a reminder as well.



This is another app that will work within the Gmail program. The app will allow a person to have extra features as well and even if they are not Google users they will still be able to access this app. In addition to storing the contact information, a person will be able to have links to social media profiles of their contacts. They can also add notes and tasks that they need to compete with their clients. There is also a feature for advanced reports as well.

These are some of the best apps to help a person stay up to date with their contact information. Thanks to these apps they will be able to remember the name and contact information of all the business associate they have come in contact with and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting a name of a company.

The Best Paid Android Apps

Did you know that by just possessing an Android device you have great wealth at your fingertips? Well, if you didn’t, Google is rich in great apps that can help you do much more than you expected. In fact, it has more essential apps than you thought, some of which are free. However, if you’re willing to dig deeper into your pockets, then you’re in a position to get quite excellent apps. Below are some of the best paid Android apps.

Solid Explorer

At only $1.99 and with two weeks trial, this app is packed with a quality file manager which sticks to a clean style of Material design. It provides simple operations of drag and drop, and has a two-pane interface mode that makes deleting or copying files easy. The app provides inbuilt support for various archived data inclusive of RAR and ZIP. And above all, it allows you to have accessibility to Google Drive and Dropbox at a cheap fee.

Zooper Widget Pro (for $2.99)

This app permits you to make your Android widget with a combination of potential possible options, like weather forecast and date among others. As the Zooper free version offers various essential functions, its Pro version provides templates and widget options that our mobile’s SD card can save. It has an ad-free mode and so much more. Precisely, it is entirely a catch!


It is true that the majority of the android tablets and phones come in unison with an inbuilt music player. However, power users searching for a more configurable and capable app may want to go for Poweramp. With two weeks free trial and at only $3.99, it is a favorite app amongst Android users. After trying it, you will wonder what kept you from having it.

SKRWT (for $1.49)

For those who love editing their images, this is your app. It is a superb editing app for pictures to do away with those distortions as a result of poor camera lenses. This app allows for the application of key corrections, straightening the lens and so much more. Imagine all this in a reasonably easy interface which doesn’t overwhelm just like a generalized photo editor.

Monument Valley 2

For the die-hard gamers, you are no left out, for you can install this app that only costs $4.99. With its optical illusions that are Escher-like, it has a terrific sequel. The games also have minimalist storytelling. Monument Valley 2 consists of stimulating puzzles and a heart glowing light that glows while you navigate. What a glamorous app!

Finally, Google apps are numerous, but the few discussed above, are splendid. I don’t know which of them you liked most, but I believe you will not regret downloading these apps for just a pocket -friendly fee. Download some, and live life at its best.

Best IT Help Desk Softwares

Using help desk software has a lot of advantages. For example, once you install the software, you will never feel stressed while opening your mailbox. Since the software will take care of most of the customer queries or complaints, your inbox will no longer receive the hundreds of emails, as might have been the case before the installation of help desk software. Another benefit that’s worth mentioning is that your inbox will get the required protection from spammers.

Most of the help desk software systems have inbuilt spam protection that identifies spam emails and makes sure that they never reach your inbox. In effect, only genuine customer queries or complaints will manage to get your attention. Apart from these, what’s good about help desk software packages is that most of them are available at affordable rates, something that makes them the perfect option for small online businesses. For a one-time charge, you can have complete ownership of a help desk software package. You can use it as long as it continues to suit the needs and requirements of your online business. The following are the Best IT Help Desk Softwares to manage security and user related issues:

  1. Zendesk.

This is web-based help desk software that supports self-ticket customer care services. It does that by combining the fields Type (Incident, Question, Task, problem), Priority, and Status ( Open, New, Pending, Solved), and age hence creating a score that places a ticket. There is also an Android App and a IOS version available.

  1. Sysaid.

SysAid automates your hardware configurations, processes for help desk, asset monitoring, projects, software licenses, tasks, and much more. Sysaid automatically scans and tests your network hence providing all the required details about each machine and allows you to control them remotely.

  1. Osticket.

The help desktop software puts your tickets on queries retains your customer for long. Downloading the help desk software is free.

  1. Web Help Desk.

This is web-based desk software that helps IT technicians with track work time, a self-service knowledge database, email-to-ticket conversion, LDAP & Active Directory integration, trouble ticket email notifications, and much more.

  1. Help star.

Help star is the help desk software that has asset management software that is used in tracking PC assets and configurations and, helps manage work orders, and performs queries and reports.

  1. Spiceworks.

Spiceworks helps you organize your work, manage user tickets and assign tasks to your helpdesk team. The software also enables you to assign tickets across your IT team, receive tickets via email or web, create tickets while browsing and track tickets by asset, user, due date and more.

  1. ZohoSupport:

Zoho allows you to automate several tasks which are manually fixed in other desk software. By using Zoho, you can measure the amount of customer satisfaction that will help create customizable reports in a graphical dashboard.

10 Free Softwares That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life with its challenges has become quite superfluous to most people. And everyone is looking for ways to ease their situation. But did you know that mobile apps could come in handy for just that purpose, and facilitate your life in numerous ways? If you didn’t, then this is the right place. Apps, CRM’s and Cloud bases services are among the most productivity increasing technologies of today.Below are some free software that will make your life easier than it ever was before.


AirDroid connects with your PC via a browser window. It helps keep track of all your Android devices by use of a PC. With this app, you’re able to browse the apps, contacts, and files of your phone. Also, you can play videos, use mirror screens and even the camera. Besides, its messaging functionality is exceptional as it permits you to reply to texts via your computer.

Remote Mouse

With this app that acts like a keyboard and a mouse, your work presentations have never been easier. Using your WiFi connection to pair with companion software, it adds convenience and efficiency in a case where you are mirroring the PC of the screen like during presentations.

Google Photos

This is amongst the best backup and cloud storage apps for video and photo files on an Android Device. The app’s image recognition allows you to find photos with any keyword. It also has features from other apps like trimming videos and photo editing functions.


Searching for a combination of notes app? Try Evernote. It collects all the things you want to remember in a streamlined way that is always convenient. Currently, it’s the standard amongst digital notebooks and productivity apps.

Hours Keeper

A self-employed person has a lot of benefits and keeping your hours isn’t amongst them. Hours Keeper eases the process via organizing the time that you spend on various clients. You sort your time via pay period as well as create invoices very fast with a free PDF template. Organize your life today with this incredible app.


If Skype is a problem, you might want to try Duo that’s available on iOS and Android. It is easy to make video calls using a phone number. Additionally, it possesses a “Knock Knock” feature that shows you a live video call before picking up.

Square Cash

Being a new Cash app, it instantly sends money to anyone for free. Precisely, your debit card is linked to your bank account, and through businesses options, you can approve payments without any limit.


If you are running out of fuel, this app guides you to an affordable gas station without using extra costs. With it, you can drive comfortably without worrying of such inconveniences.

Quality Time

Do you want to keep track of the you use scrolling your phone? Then this is your app. With it, you can manage your time and engage in more profitable endeavors.


Being FDIC insured, this app may scare you out, but in reality, it is essential. It spontaneously takes cash from checking account then deposits it in this app to save more. What better would you wish to have?

So why not manage your life today? Besides, most of these apps are free. Either way, make your life meticulous today with this incredible apps!



It is very refreshing and pleasant when you have a problem with your computer, and by luck, you find someone that fixes it exactly as you wanted it. In this article, we will look at some of the places in Chicago where all your computer issues can be handled from. The following are their names location as well as their contacts.

  1. Chicago Computerland;

They deal with IT services, computer design, homework installation and web design. It is located in 2628 n Halsted St Chicago, IL 60614 Wrightwood and Schubert Ave Lincoln Park, DePaul. Contact: (773) 281-4600.

  1. My Crazy Machine;

They deal with IT services and Computer Repairs. They are located around the Irving Park, 4044 N Drake Ave Chicago, IL 60618. Contact: (773) 789-8417.

  1. Tek GuYz;

They deal with the computer and IT services. They are found in Fullerton and Medill Ave Logan square in the North side of Chicago. Contact: (773) 360-8231.

  1. Northside Tech Support;

They deal with IT services and computer repairs. They are located in Noble Square, West Town1070 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60642. Contact: (773) 362-4656.

  1. Lapin Systems;

They deal with IT and Computer repairs. It is found in the Near North Side, 1547 N Larrabee, St Chicago, and IL 60610. Contact: (312) 328-9945.

  1. Direct Repair;

They deal with electronics and mobile phone repairs. They are found in Division St and Elm St, Near North Side. Contact: (312) 944-9630.

  1. Computer Zone the USA

They deal with computers, IT services, and computer repairs. It is located around 1134 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60657 in Lakeview. Contact: (773) 697-9766.

  1. uBreakifix;

They deal with electronics and phone repairs. They are found in Lincoln Park, DePaul. Contact: (312) 462-4939.

  1. MacMD, Inc;

They deal with IT services and computer repair. They are found in Near West Side, West Town. Contact: (312) 698-4468.

  1. Quest Network Services;

They deal with IT services and computer repairs. It is located around 900 Chicago Ave Evanston, IL 60202. Contact: (773) 761-3555.